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Massage Services Available

Deep tissue elbow massage.png

Deep Tissue Massage

A unique combination of deep tissue, trigger point therapy, Shaitsu massage, sports massage, medical massage, and thai massage techniques to give you the most detailed and thorough approach to ease tension in the body.  Includes hot towel compression and thai foot massage tools if desired.  A perfect choice if you need to work out those kinks and sore muscles or are battling tight muscle and joint pain.  Each session will be specifically tailored to your needs and requests based on a detailed assessment of your situation.  

Shoulder Massage.jpg

Medical/Sports Massage

Medical/Sports massage sessions are ideal for you if you have a specific physical limitation or injury (old or new) that needs attention.  The massage session uses a targeted focus approach to work on the specific areas of need as compared to a whole body approach session.   If you had a recent major injury (car accident, broken or fractured bones, head injury, or major fall) please contact me first before booking a session.    

Back Full Hand Massage.jpg

Therapeutic Massage

A gentle and relaxing combination of Swedish, CranioSacral, and Reflexology techniques to give you a relaxing, stress-free, and rejuvenating massage.  Includes hot towel compress.  The perfect combo if you are wanting a lighter approach to massage or if you just need to relax after a long hard day.  

Prenatal Massage Heart Hands.webp

Prenatal Massage

The perfect massage for prenatal clients from 13-42 weeks to help ease tension and sore muscles while offering a relaxing and therapeutic session tailored to your needs.  Includes a combination of Swedish, CranioSacral, and Reflexology techniques that are safe for prenatal clients.  This is an overall lighter approach to massage but very rewarding and rejuvenating.  Please contact me if you are less than 13 weeks to determine safety measures before receiving massage services.  

Thai table massage knee press.jpeg

Thai Table/Deep Tissue Massage Combo

A unique combination of thai table massage and deep tissue techniques including trigger point, Shiatsu, and sports massage.  A great approach to feel stretched and massaged at the same time.  Thai massage is a clothes on technique traditionally practiced on a floor mat while Thai table modifies the techniques for the table top.  Each session is tailored to your specific needs.  Make sure to wear loose comfortable clothing.     

Hot Stone Massage_edited.jpg

Hot Stone Massage

Add therapeutic hot stones to any 75, 90, or 120 min massage for an added element of healing with the warmth of the hot stones.  Hot Stone Massage is a combination of regular massage techniques and the use of hot stones to help increase the loosening of the muscle and myofascial tissues to aide in overall relaxation.  Great for tight and stiff muscles and rejuvenation. 

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