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Kathleen White of Starchild Massage Therapy specializes in a creative and therapeutic blend of various modalities using:  Swedish, deep tissue, Thai, Craniosacral, acupressure, sports and medical massage, and trigger point therapy techniques to bring you a well-rounded integration of massage therapy.  She uses the art of listening with therapeutic touch to guide and tailor each session specifically to your body's needs.  With a background in yoga instruction, Ayurveda, Meditation, and Nursing Kat can help you lengthen the effects of your massage session off the table into your daily routines.  She has been practicing healing bodywork for over 10 years and will provide you a customized massage session using her diverse medical and healing arts background and experience.  Kat also offers pregnancy massage and specializes in neck and lower-back issues.  She offers both indoor and outdoor sessions at Dynamics, along with home visits for those unable to reach the studio for health concerns. 

About Me

And What I Offer to You to Help Heal Your Body

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